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Acquisition Process

           Once you have explored our general information in each type of aircraft for sale on the main page, you can enter to view the detail of aircraft description, maintenance status &program, and schedule interval of 1) airframe, 2) landing gear status, 3) APU, and 4) engine, by clicking the MSN number. However, some of aircraft information, such as LLP, Avionic lists and Non-incident Statement report, for each type of the aircraft are the specific information and only available to registered users.

           Registration is free of charge by only taking a few minute to complete the Product Detail Specifications Request Form (after submitting the form, user name and password will be sent to your email).Additionally, after you have registered on our website, you can select to receive notification email from TG when new aircraft for sale has been posted on the website. If you have previously registered with us, you can directly log in to view the specific information. 

           For BTB, Shop visit, Engine disk sheets, Fitted component lists (both OC and HT), since the size of the files are too large for the website and email, all of the mentioned documents are provided at Don Muang airport for document review and aircraft inspection after the proposal submission.

           The beginning of aircraft sales process will be announced on the website. After that the invitation letter and RFP (Request for Proposal) will be released to invite all members and the tentative client to join the bid for the sale of the used aircraft. The RFP includes TOR (Term of Reference), Basic Aircraft Specification, MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) and other relevant documents. The deadline for proposal submission will be stated in the invitation letter. After submission deadline, all submitted proposals will be considered by the Sale Committee. The bidders who propose the most attractive conditions and favorable price will be selected and invited to inspect the aircraft and review documentation for 2-3 days for each tender before proceeding to the negotiation process for the final price confirmation.
At this stage, the aircraft inspection will be based on visual inspection and documentation review at Don Muang airport.

           Please be noted that the submitted proposal must be complied with the term and condition of the RFP/TOR and in accordance with the condition that the bid bond (full amount without any deduction) and Non-Disclosure Agreement must be signed and submitted together with the proposal. Moreover, if the offered price is based on some conditions, we would be appreciated if you could mention in the MOU and provide the track changes for us to be able to easily keep tracking of the changes you make in the document. Please also be noted that the proposal will not be considered if it is submitted beyond the deadline and does not comply fully with the RFP/TOR.

           The Sale Committee will propose the most beneficial proposals to the THAI's Board of Directors committee for approval. However, THAI shall reserve the rights to consider the most beneficial price according to the terms and conditions and also have the rights to terminate this aircraft sale if THAI could not find the favorable and beneficial offer.

           Upon getting the award the winner must sign MOU within 10 business days after THAI notifying and pay 20% non-refundable deposit within 5 working days after execution of MOU and entering to Used Aircraft Purchase Agreement within 10 business day. The winner must accept delivery of each aircraft and title from THAI within 30 calendar days after execution of the MOU. Subsequently, export the aircraft outside of Thailand and obtain customs clearance must be undertaken within 30 calendar days of the delivery date. Prior to delivery and transfer of title, the winner must pay to THAI the remaining balance of the purchase price and final inspection must be started not earlier than 14 calendar days and not later than 10 calendar days prior to the delivery date.